Thermo King, Anteo & Transit 24/7 roadside assistance

Night or day, 24/7, we will be there


It is critical when the refrigeration unit on your vehicle breaks down on the road that repairs are carried out quickly. If not, you could lose your entire load.

TRS offer a 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service to get you moving as soon as possible.

Our 24-hour Service is available for repairs to our Thermo-King and Anteo Tail-Lift products.

Through a network of service agents, your vehicle is protected statewide and nationwide. We also guarantee payment to our agents for call-outs, which means they will always turn out, regardless of the hour.

Our many clients such as Toll, McKey Distribution, Versacold, Scott’s and Linfox, relying on our 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service, have confidence that problems will be fixed quickly, valuable cargo saved and deliveries completed.

Thermo King
TRS Transit Bus and coach 24/7 roadside assistance

TRS Transit operates 11 fully equipped roadside assistance vehicles on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If at any time your Bus or Coach air conditioning system fails, TRS Transit will get you straight back on the road. Just call 1800 800 532, and we will rectify your air conditioning system without delay… more