How to open a 30 Day Credit Account at TRS

To apply for a credit account with TRS either download the application form from the website or contact the Accounts Team on [email protected] or call us on 02 8822 8100 for advice.

Once completed, please return the form to us by email, fax or by post. We will send you an email as confirmation of receipt of your application. We will then conduct relevant credit checks and confirm your company registration details. We will feedback to you the outcome accordingly. TRS will only approve 30 Day Credit Account applications that are submitted from legitimately registered businesses with an acceptable credit history. For any reason should your application for a credit account be refused, you can still place orders with TRS and pay by bank transfer or debit card.

The 30 Day Credit Account is not applicable for capital equipment. Credit limits are set on an individual case by case basis. TRS reserves the right to review these at any time.

The responsibility to read and understand our 30 Day Credit Account trading terms and conditions is with those applying for a TRS 30 Day Credit Account.