Tracking with technology

ColdChainLogix – Cloud is an enterprise-grade, software-as-a-service (SaaS) Platform that enables you to manage your mobile assets fast and effectively, with no software to install to get started. A complete Cold Chain live tracking experience at your fingertips.

Real time tracking

3G, 4G, CatM1, NBloT &
Sigfox connectivity

Install in minutes

Live dashboard

Long lasting battery

Get the Benefits. 

In the Cloud. Accessible Anywhere.

  • No Software to Install or Maintain – Available On Demand – Low Monthly Fee – Redundant Back-Up – Easy to Extend and Configure
  • A Fully Scalable Cold Chain Solution
  • SSL Encryption
  • Complete Audit Trail and Data Integrity
  • Pattern of Life Artificial Intelligence Analytics
  • Integrating the latest IoT Sensors
  • Generate Rich Detail Temperature Reports
Easily install sensors on your trucks, refrigerators or cold shippers

Cold Chain Logix IoT sensors are easy to install and work in severe environments. Just install the sensor on whatever you want to track and start monitoring temperature.

Track your assets temperature with our real-time dashboard

Every sensor is connected to a real-time dashboard that allows you to track in real-time your cold chain temperature. Historic data is also captured and maintained in the secure cloud environment.

Receive SMS and email alerts

Cold Chain Logix – Cloud allows you to set up custom SMS and email alerts according to your settings. It’s fast, easy and secure. Know when your cold chain shipments are about to breach temperature limits and act upon them.

Generate detailed temperature reports to ensure cold chain compliance

Cold Chain Logix- Cloud allows you to generate detailed temperature reports in PDF and other data formats on all your cold shipments for your compliance staff or customers.