VebaBox Custom

VebaBox Blood Container Close Up of rear showing handling bars and status annunciator lights

In addition to a range of standard products, VebaBox offers the possibility of tailor-made cold transport solutions. For instance, you can always have us modify the dimensions of your products. Before we put your request into production, we always create a technical drawing first. This way, you are sure that the desired product has the right dimensions and you can easily check it.

Converting your company van into a refrigerated van is a thing of the past thanks to the VebaBox. The VebaBox is a removable cooling container that can be placed in the cargo space of your vehicle with just a small modification to your company van.

The VebaBox is not only more flexible than a refrigerated vehicle, the VebaBox can easily be transferred to the next vehicle after depreciation of your company van. 

No matter what products you transport, the VebaBox will always give you the right cooling solution. The VebaBox is available in any desired size and can be fully customised with different options and accessories. 

Read more about VebaBox and watch our explanatory video