VebaBox Food Applications Banner showing a VebaBox in the Rear of a Van with a background of fish to indicate perishable goods

Major changes are currently taking place in the food industry. Because consumers set different requirements, logistical chains are changing. With the cool solutions from VebaBox, it is possible to optimise standardised processes so that you achieve maximum profit during your delivery process. We are happy to take a look!

The logistical challenge to transport food under the right conditions is greater than ever. In the context of food safety, perishable food items must be stored at a legally prescribed temperature. VebaBox Cool Solutions can develop custom solutions for refrigerated transports that answer these challenges thanks to its flexible use of technology!

Monitoring food safety is increasingly being stipulated in legislation and standards that are tested by government-related bodies. An example is the HACCP. Cooling fresh products in storage and refrigerated transport is an important aspect there.

Besides food safety, today’s consumers are more critical and expect high-quality products, with a key role for fresh, traditional and organic food. Consumers pay a higher price for these and expect more. Also, organic products have a shorter shelf life. This makes temperature-controlled transport even more important.

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