Years of experience in pharma transport

Due to years of experience in the market, VebaBox cool solution knows that the challenges of pharma transport industry are unique. In collaboration with various customers, we have developed new solutions to meet stricter laws and regulations that apply to the transport of medicines and related products.

VebaBox is an active cool box that in combination with the LogiBox passive cooler provides a cool-chain solution from production through warehousing to end-use.
The precise an adjustable temperature control of VebaBox allows for the correct conditions for your medicine or vaccine to be maintained along the supply chain.
You can even move the whole VebaBox from vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to premises and maintain active cooling by connecting to power.

The efficacy of pharmaceuticals requires keeping them within their temperature ranges at all times or their efficacy will be reduced, effecting patient outcomes. Vaccines are even more sensitive to temperature than regular medicines because they are biological in nature. Temperature must be maintained between  2°C and  8°C for the effectiveness of vaccines be guaranteed. This is where VebaBox comes in, with proven cooling solutions.
The easily swapped cooling units mean that downtime in case of failures is also reduced, keeping your delivery chain running.

The Good Distribution Practice guideline sets the standard companies in pharma transport need to meet to ensure that the quality of the pharmaceuticals is guaranteed. The necessity to quickly and properly regulate the distribution of medicines is high and temperature controlled transport more important than ever. VebaBox cool solutions can create custom solutions for any desired distribution challenge within the pharma transport industry.

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