The VebaBox is a removable cooling container that can be placed in the cargo space of your vehicle with just a small modification to your company van. With the digital display, you can easily set the right temperature yourself.

Because the VebaBox is removable, you can easily transfer it to your next company van over time. This means you are always transporting your temperature-sensitive products under the right conditions, which guarantees the quality of your cargo. Complementary to that there is also the option of using live tracking on each of our boxes to manage shipments with precision, speed and knowledge using the latest sensors. Click here to read more about ColdChainLogix.

We strive to bring the best cold solutions in the market, we have become the official distributors for the VebaBox’s diverse set of refrigerated van products. Check out our Custom VebaBox solutions as well as solutions for the Pharma, Food and Health industries.

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