Life as a one-man refrigeration unit repair

Founded in 1984 by Managing Director Greg Woodley, TRS started in business by simply repairing refrigeration units on trucks and trailers in the Sydney area. The client base grew due to the company’s reputation for timely and quality repairs but there were times when a refrigeration unit could not be repaired, so the company expanded its services to include the sale of second hand refrigeration units.

Meeting the needs of Australian refrigeration transport business

Over the last 40 years, TRS has become recognised as a leader in refrigeration services and support for the Australian refrigerated transport business. Our growth has come from providing our refrigerated road transport clients with the products and services they need to run their businesses efficiently and profitably.

We’ve become recognised in the refrigeration road transport business for our prompt, reliable and client focussed service and support. Across the industry, we’ve helped our clients stay cool on the road to deliver everything from fresh food to healthcare products to plants and flowers.

Thermo King- the worlds leading mobile refrigeration manufacturer

As a consequence of importing second-hand refrigeration units TRS was approached in 1993 by Thermo King (a leading manufacturer of transport temperature controlled systems) to take on the New South Wales distribution of their products. The dealership involved not just selling new units, but providing comprehensive product support that included servicing and supplying spare parts…more

Taking on distribution of the world’s lightest and most powerful tail lift-Anteo

Having successfully distributed for Thermo King, the company was approached in 1995 by Anteo the leading manufacturer of aluminium tail-lifts for trucks and trailers. TRS was asked to act as exclusive distributor of new product in New South Wales, as well as support existing customers with service and spare parts…more

TRS adds Thermaxx truck bodies to its range

As part of TRS’s continuing commitment to create a one-stop and integrated solution for our customers, in 2005 we announced an addition to our range of products with the introduction of TRS Thermaxx Truck Bodies.

Thermaxx bodies are insulated with products that are recognised worldwide for their high insulating properties as well as high impact resistance and non-moisture absorbing properties…more

RTR Truck Rentals, solving the needs of short term refrigerated truck rental

In the early part of this decade TRS customers were increasingly looking for rental services to solve their short term trucking needs. As a consequence of this demand in 2001 TRS created a new division within the company to rent a range of refrigerated vehicles on either a daily hire basis or long-term contract leases…more