Off Engine Drive Maintenance Preventative Program for Off Engine Drive vehicles

*6 Monthly Service (A Service)

$185.35 + GST

*Annual Service (C Service)

$382.78 + GST

*6 Monthly Service (A Service)

$185.35 + GST

• Systematic Inspection of the unit
• Checking start-up operations
• Controller operations
• Check fans and coils
• Belt tensions
• Ensure unit reaches set point

*Annual Service – 12 Monthly (C Service)

$382.78 + GST

plus cost of service kit

We require all units due for this service to attend our
workshop, for the annual condenser wash.

• Checking for loose or missing hardware
• Mounting bolts
• Drive kit
• All valve operations and wiring
• Gas pressures will be checked
• Condenser wash carried out on the unit
• The service kit (compressor belt and pulley) will be
  removed and replaced.  As there is a high variance
  of kits and associated pricing for OED units, this cost
  is charged extra to the C Service

*Cost valid until June 2022

In an ongoing effort to provide our customers with effective equipment management, we have devised a maintenance programme to minimise downtime.  A scheduled maintenance program will help decrease repairs, improve equipment performance, and help your vehicle run at optimum performance.

Now at a fixed cost.

Book your vehicle in for a service at our three convenient locations.

3 Distillers Place, Huntingwood, NSW 2148 Phone (02) 8822 8100

5 Burrows Road, (South) St Peters, NSW 2044 Phone (02) 9105 9700

350 Cormack Road, Wingfield, SA 5013 Phone (08) 8262 2555

Service intervals and levels are based on manufacturer recommendations.
In addition to this recommendation, we will work with you to customise your Preventative Maintenance programs and provide add-ons to the fixed price, where requested.

If a calibration is requested, this will be charged further to the ΒA Service or *C Service. The calibration certificate is charged at *$60+GST,  plus *$65.81+GST for labour per unit.

We will inform you if any repairs are required further to the service, or if workshop attention is required.

We understand that there are times where it is not possible to have your vehicle present to our workshop. In this case, we will need to charge a travel rate of *$131.62 + GST per hour.