Govi 1600N/T

Govi 1600NT Cooling

Our model arktik1600N/T has been specially designed for hot countries with a tropical or subtropical climate.
It is equipped with a larger condenser as well as a more powerful fan to increase the airflow.
This allows you to keep your valuable goods cold and fresh even at extreme outside temperatures up to 45 °C.

Govi units consist of two parts: the condenser on the outside and the evaporator on the inside of the trailer.
Both parts are mounted on an insulating core and form an easy to install a plug-and-play unit.

We use the same casing for all our refrigeration units standardising the size of the cutout for all trailers.
The casing is made of powder-coated steel sheet including a shapely front hood made of ABS plastic.

An electronic controller monitors and regulates the operating temperature. Automatic periodic defrosting is provided by a programmable electronic thermostat and an electronic thawing-off device. Behind the lockable operating cover, you will find a control switch and a light switch for the interior lighting of the refrigeration trailer.



Govi refrigeration 4000N Cooling