“Not only are our chicks 100% healthier when delivered, we don’t lose any chicks with the new TRS Smithway system, in turn saving us tens of thousands of dollars.”

Delivering live birds is not only difficult it’s extremely expensive, that’s because you can lose 1-2% of your livestock in any one journey. During the first days of its life, a chick is unable to regulate its own body temperature. Because of this, perfect transport conditions are necessary to maintain the chicks health.

So having the right long-term solution is not only critical for your chicks to arrive healthier, it can also make a big difference to your bottom line, saving you thousands of dollars on each trip.

If your business is in the business of delivering live poultry, make a smart investment decision and call the experts – TRS.


Powerful air management systems to distribute controlled air within the load space, without upsetting the cargo.

CO2 is contained within healthy levels, via automated opening and closing of fan assisted vents. So ambient air is mixed at the AC outlet collector as required.

Rear exit vent is activated automaticaly if CO2 levels are detected and the fan will remove any excess CO2.


Main return air filters are reusable with secondary paper style filters used to protect the AC coil used.


Floor boards are high density polyethylene providing a hygienic easy to slide on surface. The boards are also hinged to allow easy sanitation of the load space.  The configuration of the air vent holes is designed to suit the crate type and configuration.


Large volume fans pull air up through the load to the ceiling, which is the return air off the chicks, is drawn back in to be recycled through the AC system via the filter media.


Strategically placed air holes are placed throughout the internal space to give maximum air flow for optimal health of the chicks.


With two separate power sources, one used as an emergency backup system, you can rest assured your chicks are always in the perfect climate.


Total control through our touchscreen system

TRS Smithway’s Touchview System includes a 6″ color touchscreen that provides access to all critical system parameters. Monitor temperatures, humidity, HVAC pressures, amperages, generator vitals, and all alarms. Status and Trend screens provide an at-a-glance view of overall system performance, in real time.

Security features define user access levels. Password-protected screens like set-points, alarming, maintenance, diagnostics, and manual override allow authorised users to configure the TRS Smithway to meet your specific requirements. Alarming provides detailed early warning of system failures and maintenance needs.

All system feedback parameters (trip data) are automatically logged at 10-second intervals, time-stamped, and stored on a standard USB memory stick. The user-friendly, menu-driven operator interface, mounted in-cab, keeps you in constant touch with the status and condition of your TRS Smithway while in route to your destination. (In-cab interface varies between trailers and truck bodies.)

Touchview Exteme Option: Remote Monitoring and Alarming

Add this option and remotely access all the features of the base Touchview System from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. (Cellular data plan required for Smithway unit.)

Touchview Exteme Benefits Include:

  • Remote access to all touchscreen features…just like being there.
  • Text and/or email system alarms sent to up to 6 recipients.
  • Remote access for technical support, diagnostics, and software upgrades.
  • GPS capabilities, allowing you to locate and track your TRS Smithway unit.
  • Hardware compatible with commercial vehicle tracking and locating services.


Our first trailer system launched in December 2015 has been in continuous operation covering around 8,000 km weekly and delivering up to 120,000 chicks three times a week.

Maximum safety and welfare for the chicks is ensured with the unique TRS Smithway climate-control system.  With the large overhead fans air passes evenly and directly by the chick, making it much easier for the chick to release its own heat, and

stay at the ideal temperature all times.  With two separate power sources, one used as an emergency backup system, you can rest assured your chicks are always in the perfect climate.

Our no nonsense engineering philosophy also helps remove most of the hassle from the drive, with an internal program that can be dialed into from any computer with Internet service.  It allows for monitoring of the system with the capability of  checking generator hours, oil pressure and water pressure – A.C. unit pressures, amps, motors, and discharge air from the unit as well as the current outside temperature.  It also allows you to view the temperature and condition of the load and
will allow temperature set points to be changed and calibrated. It also displays the current mode the unit is operating in and verifies the operation of all equipment.

As you can see TRS Smithway is the safest way to transport chicks throughout Australia.

Custom-built, environmentally-controlled chick transport systems


We can offer small rigid trucks right up to maximum length semi-trailers. Options include roll on fork off systems to suit your crate types.  Unloading can be assisted with retractable tail lifts, or door sealing canter lever tail lifts.  Other options include truck mounted fork lifts.  We can work with you to come up with the perfect solution for your business.

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